'Wedding Vows'

I worried for a good long time
     On what to do or say
The artist in me hated the thought
     Of being gauche, or worse, cliché
But ever bouncing back and forth
     In what to say or do
In the end it came down to this -
     I deeply, truly love you

I remember all those years ago
     So hard to crack into your shell
We've both, in our different ways
     Been through our different hells
And sometimes, in my secret heart
     I think it must've been some plan
'Cause no one else in all the world
     Can understand me like you can

Or put up with me and my many masks
     My ever changing moods
And somehow see to the heart of me
     In all I say and do
Or take care of me, in so many ways
     From the magical to the mundane
You're my strength, my laughter, and my comfort
     You help me keep some kind of sane

It's amazing to think how far we've come
     And all the things we've done
And amazing to know, without a doubt
     That you are my long-sought "one"
For years we've been and for years we ll be
     Through the good days and the long
Because like they say in cards and songs
     I believe that we belong

"We belong to the night, we belong to the thunder
We belong to the sound of the words we've both fallen under
Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better
We belong, we belong, we belong together"

And so...

By earth, air, fire, water
     And the gods to whom I'm sworn
By the spirits of this time and place
     By the petal and the thorn
In front of friends and family
     I swear to you this day
That while love lasts and we both agree
     Then together shall we stay

With this ring I seal the vow
     And tie up all the threads
So here's to love, to life and happiness
     For with this ring, I thee wed

* With thanks and apologies to Pat Benatar