born of the Universe
ladled from the stew,
just a piece of the larger whole
of this existential brew

you think and you feel...
just part of the illusion,
in the end you think you feel
but it is all delusion

whether aspect or avatar
forced into this flesh,
an incarnate embodiement
born to start afresh

you experience the world
as if you were apart,
forgetting all that was before...
forgetting is an art...

so you stumble thru this life
thinking that it really matters,
all this pain and joy and strife -
these hollow dream-like tatters...

just a piece, and nothing more
this truth you can't resist...
this final universal joke -
You do not exist...







do you really believe that?
do you really think its true?
don't you think there's more to it...
to the truth of being you?

a half truth is not the whole
a piece is not a lie
I am me and you are you
and we are still alive...

whether aspect or avatar
part of the larger web
embodiements and essences
who swim the flows and ebbs

yes, we're of the universe,
ladled from the stew
but every 'bowl' is still its own
every life is new

if we are the universe
experiencing itself
then can we not also be
experiencing our Selves

welcome to the paradox
perfect, pure and true...
in the end we always were
more then we ever knew...