I sit within my chrysalis
And wait for it to come
That mystic, magic moment
When this transformation's done

I shall finally have the answers
to the mysteries of youth
These rampant, hard fought battles
will lead me to the truth

And to its surety of purpose
and the authority of age
I'll put aside this constant doubt
and its close companion, rage

And with this new found freedom
I'll earn the respect of all my peers
As I move forward with head held high
forsaking vain and childish fears

For I believe in that tacit promise
that's been given to every child
That one day we'll understand
and be allowed to enter from the wild

Into a new and exciting world
where everything makes sense
No longer drifting in a void
that's too profound and too immense

I know one day it'll happen
And then I shall exult
In all the secret thrills and raptures
Of simply being "an adult"

So I sit within the chrysalis
of this still unfinished skin
And wait for that magic moment
When maturity begins