'Thing Called Life'

that it should happen this way
that all my fears and hopes and dreams
should piece together at the seams
as if there's no difference at all

and I don't know why
it should feel this way
as everyday something new unravels
worn away in our weary travels
stumbling over the obstacles

flip a coin
leave it all to chance
to beat out the rhythm
of an erratic dance

roll the dice
leave it all to fate
to lead the way
you can't escape

that it should fade this way
that in the end nothing should matter
as another dream is shattered
and no one pays no mind

and it isn't fair
that it should be this way
there is no justice, no loving hand
while life is slowly torn away
by a universe that is blind

take a leap
leave it all to faith
cause somehow it comes together
in a blur of love and hate

close your eyes
and sleep to dream
navigate the madness
of an uphill stream

that it should happen this way
that paradox should rule the world
cause all sense to be unfurled
reason cutting like a knife

that it should work this way
that it somehow manages at all
and yet here we are, after the fall
dreaming through this thing called life