are twisted to fit
dogmatic needs
as specters of
prismatic seas
are deemed a
metaphyst's disease

of fractured soul
and shattered mind
as seer's senses
are rendered blind
by hollow faith
and shallow signs
of pontificates
perverse designs

as empty words
form false facades
of faith and hope
for plastic gods
lipservice given
to the unknown
so we can flaunt
just how we've grown

but no one wants
to pay the price
they want the goods
but not the strife
unwilling, unable
to sacrifice
the comforts of
a sheltered life

creating sideshows
of belief
a sweet deceit
twisting myths
to suit our needs
an altered past
fits our motifs

ramrodded truths
and slipshod lies
form a
bifurcate disguise
so no one has to
that we have wrought
our own demise

as spirit dies
our hope is gone
but still the nightmare
lingers on
thru politics
of fear and dread
in parody
of life, misled
this soulless world
where faith is dead