'So I'll Smile'

should i hide behind a subtle smile
that does not reach my eyes
what else is there to really do
when you want to scream and laugh and cry

will you see the sorrow there
will you run away
i'm so sorry for all i've done, love
was never meant to be this way

so let me wear the mask
with the painted smile
cut myself and hurt inside
but fake it all the while

and i'll tell you all my secrets
all while leaving you unsure
and i'll paint a pretty picture
of the way it was before

it's all about pretending
and you know i sleep to dream
building a world to my liking
with a mesmerizing theme

it makes a senseless kind of sense, you know
the way we feint, the things we show
how we hide the ways we're broken
and pray we're heard when we're unspoken

and so i'll smile through the pain
pray to be seen and yet unseen
and that you could somehow care for
all the fractured parts of me