'Siren's Call'

the secrets of life
in the book of the dead
the universe whispers
things best left unsaid

tear me open, rip me out
bleed me from the inside
with everything that you have seen
there's really nothing left to hide

I've told you almost everything
showed you who I am
even let you see the madness
of a half-fermented plan

for years now I've walked the path
that has brought me to this place
half by choose and half by fate
and some things you can not change

and now I'm back at the crossroads
time for me to choose
and I'm not sure if there's a prize
but I know there's much to lose

but I'm past the point of no return
there is no turning back
right now it seems the only choice is
which way to face the black

and I hear the whisper on the wind
the madness of it all
and with one final fleeting prayer
I heed the siren's call...