'Shadow Life'

rosey colored, misty mornings
blurry through the looking glass
happy in their sweet delusions
the ignorance of the seething mass

nothing to fear where nothing is real
but then, nothing seems to truly matter
but deep down in their secret hearts
they ponder the horrors should it... (shatter)

      shattered dreams
      of fancy flights
      once pretty lies
      and diffusive lights

      of a fresh tomorrow
           but then the truth...
                and then the sorrow...

Now -

the harsh, cold reality
with edges cutting like a knife
did they tell you of the price
for the vagueries of this shadow life

sacrificing normalcy
scratching, clawing, digging deeper
having to know, to riddle the whys...
falling faster, further... (deeper)

      deeper into the phantom glow
      truths and lies blur into one
      and as soon as you think you understand
      you find you've only just begun...