'Price to Pay'

what a sublime torture
what an exquisite pain
and nothing will ever
ever be the same

the agony and ecstacy
wrapped in a single perfect moment
a dream, a thought, a word, a sigh
and there is no reason why

why it should feel like this
such the softest kind of hard
and I tried to stop, tried to turn away
but I've already fallen too far

and there is a longing
to reach out and feel that touch
to find safety in your arms
when the turmoil gets too much

and there is a desire
to smooth away your cares
to be able to offer you solace
when the world will not play fair

and there is a pain
so sweet and so pure
and no, it will never be
the way it was before

and if this is the price
that we must be forced to pay
to be able to say
all the things we've longed to say
then when all is said and done, my love
I wouldn't want it any other way