'Piece of Paradise'

living, breathing
seething grey
a twilight haze
of stormy days
I sit in silent awe, amazed
and oh, how fucking beautiful

breathe it deep
that second in time
a dance of life and death entwined
a moment of silence
for a shattered mind
and oh, how so sublime

order holds chaos
by the hand
that changes
with every passing plan
vibrations that tug
at fated strands
and alter the heartscape
of the land
as dynamics yield
to a static demand
(but only for a moment)
and oh, how dreams are made

and there is no knowing
what you could be
if you could see
through my eyes...
let me build you a dream
a piece of paradise
a moment of balance
in a soul-split sky
a moment of peace
without wondering why -
a storm on the horizon
entranced by the meaning
of the now and forever
an endless of dreaming
of living, breathing
seething life
and oh, how fucking beautiful