Perception Based Reality

I believe that there may very well be an objective, absolute reality. However, I also believe that this objective reality is much bigger than any of us can fathom. We only see pieces of it… some more than others, some less so. So our reality… our truths… are based on these perceptions – on the pieces of the Whole that we see, understand and even how we relate to and comprehend those pieces. In this way, many people’s view of Reality – even contradictory and incompatible views – can all be true. But they’re not True – or they’re not entirely true… this is where many of the biggest problems come in, though – from the belief that a person’s fragment of the Whole is the Whole… or that their subjective reality is really the objective, absolute reality. No one can understand it all, though. And anyone who claims to is either lying, or simply mistaken…

It is true that people who hold opposing viewpoints often can’t understand each other. I am an emotional and artistic person, and don’t relate well to people are think on a purely logical or rational basis. Life is neither entirely logical nor rational… but again, with our perceptions, it is oft apt to remember that moderation and balance are key.

"All religions, arts, and sciences
are branches of the same tree.
-Albert Einstein