The Elder Gods created Things… and in the forging, they created Patterns… the Turning of the Wheel… Changing of the Seasons… Cycles and Patterns…

We are all familiar with the cycles of life. They permeate everything that we perceive. Everything that lives must die, and even death brings new life – in one form or another

There are also behavioral patterns and psychological motifs which we find repeating in our lives. Some are beneficial and others are not… It’s easy to get trapped in a pattern, and we often find ourselves repeating detrimental patterns merely because we are used to them… By knowing this, we can focus on changing the initiators of the Patterns – and we can also learn how to kick start a beneficial pattern. One of the underlying principles of magick is to recognize patterns and to tap into them, with the hopes of reaping the benefits, and dispelling the negative…

Astrology and other forms of Divination and Psychic Awareness rely heavily on recognizing recurring themes and motifs. If certain themes keep cropping up under a certain bodies influence, or when a particular thing happens, then it is put down as an attribute of the influencing body… Psychology relies on such techniques as well… As does a person’s Wyrd… And when people’s - or event’s - patterns are closely related and intertwined, they will often experience moments or events of Synchronicity. If you find yourself thinking of a person who then calls out of the blue – this is synchronicity. If you find yourself thinking of a song that then plays on the radio… or you experience moments of precognition or déjà vu… or you just notice certain little ‘coincidences’ that all revolve around the same thing… these are all experiences of Synchronicity…

All things effect everything else. All things are connected. And yet, while this remains true, all people are responsible for their own actions… for though we may lie under certain influences, we are not controlled like puppets on a string. Every influence has what are generally referred to as positive and negative qualities… It’s up to you to make the most of your lot in life… at least those parts which are within your sphere of control or influence…

"The kind of relatedness to the world may be noble or trivial,
but even being related to the basest kind of pattern is immensely preferable to being alone."
~Erich Fromm

"The web, then, or the pattern,
    a web at once sensuous and logical,
      an elegant and pregnant texture:
         that is style,
            that is the foundation of the art of literature. "
               ~Robert Louis Stevenson