'once upon a...'

once upon a time
you sought the words to fit the rhyme
of the rhythm of your mind
something sacred and sublime

once upon a dream
nothing's ever as it seems
and it's tearing at the seams
and it's tearing as it screams

      fae struck
      god touched
      never far enough
      but much too much

once upon a song
and you thought you heard it wrong
but the melody was strong
and it carried you along

once upon the night
when the moon is dark and light
and the stars are shining bright
and the pieces fit just right

      lunar sway
      ebb and flow
      so much more to say
      so much left to go

once upon the path
and life is changing far too fast
disconnected from the past
but the damage never lasts

once upon a game
where you step into the flame
'cause you're far more mad than sane
but you've broken all the chains

      embrace the night
      and seize the day
      join the fight
      before it falls away

           and it's once upon a time...