'Nothing to Fear'

I feel like a prisoner
trapped inside of this skin
I feel like a stranger
unbidden in my mind
And I try and I stumble
through the labyrinth of time
And I know - yeah I know
that we're all flying blind

I reach out in the darkness
for anyone - anything
I call out a name
that springs from my soul
Whispers answer
and promise to guide me
But I feel the coldness
of the lies they have told

Cruelly taunting
with the secrets I keep
Belittling all
of the truths I have held
Cutting deep
behind the masks I have worn
And I find myself bemused
bewildered and forlorn

And I begin to believe
their hate filled lies
And I begin to see
myself through their eyes
And I begin to lose
all semblance of self
And I succumb to the darkness
and fall from the shelf

But then I hear a new voice
within - pure and clear
Urging me to hold onto
that which is dear
And I feel a hand
grasping mine in the night
And it halts my descent
and aids in the flight

'Nothing is real, anymore, my dear
Nothing is real... you are not really here
Nothing is real, anymore, my dear
So open your eyes, and see
there is nothing left to fear'