'Madcap Dream'

what have I done that was truly worthwhile
what have I done but hope for more
but dreams are empty and hold not promise
as life closes another door

we build up our walls and let no one in
and then lament about being alone
with no one to turn to in our despair
no place to settle and call our home

and there is no happily ever after
love does not truly conquer all
and a person can only take so much
before they embrace that final fall

madmen, visionaries, wanderers all
but somewhere, somehow we lost our way
we all just need something to believe in
looking out to the night to pray

solemn Lady, with your secret smile
watching from your distant glen
do you have any love
for us, your wayward denizens

is there hope on the horizon
or is it nothing more than a fever dream
is there purpose in this refraction
or is it as heartless as it seems

madmen, mystics, lunatics all
and we just need something to believe
and so we seek to your secret smile
and to the promise of a madcap dream