'Lullabye of
a Black Rose'

a single black rose
in a world of white
bleeding her poison
on the pages of life

watch - as a petal falls
nothing more than a lonely tear
feel - as a thorn cuts you deep
nothing more than one more fear

she braces herself against the storm
the bitter wind that's blowing
yet in the heart of hopefulness
a discontent is growing

she feels the distance of the world
withering on the vine
wishing she could turn her dreams
into something more sublime

and in the night, where she seeks her solace
she sings a lullabye
the bitter sweet of a funeral dirge
a lament of years gone by

'so this is life' she sings to herself
'the gentle rain and stinging pain
the chaos, order, joy and strife
a wildness that can not be tamed

so give it to me, then
the madness of it all
for I will bleed the tempest dry
before the final petal falls'