'For Love of the Darkk'

a knife's jagged edge
of faith and of doubt,
pushing it in
then tearing it out

mouthing the words
speaking the creed;
twisting it 'round
and watching it bleed

uncertain patterns
spiral the drain,
a moment of pleasure
a lifetime of pain

a lonely old soul
with world-weary eyes;
a childish heart
with devilish lies

manic with anger
passion and rage;
solemn with sorrow
sullen and sage

seeking the void
where everything's change;
a glistening madness
bitter, deranged

she hides her despair
in smirking and grins,
but her soul is sick
and the game wears thin...

yet she clings to ideals
and hopes to abate
the vapid and vacant
before it's too late

but hope fades fast
eyes heavy and sad,
and he says to her
'no wonder you're mad...'

and so she smiles
her mischievous grin
but she opens her void
inviting him in

insane together
together insane
a moment of pleasure
in this lifetime of pain