'... when you live a lie'

spin, spin, spin,
can't hear myself think
for all of their din...

the vapid and the vacuous
hollow words and minds;
plug 'em in to the machine
to keep them deaf and blind...

welcome to conformity
following the herd;
no room for outre otherness
no time to be absurd...

(only) empty words and platitudes,
cliches and hackneyed truths,
shining rainbows up my ass
is somehow less uncouth

than my disdain and righteous anger
frustrated irritation -
just pump me full of zombie pills
to revel in sedation...

welcome to the baseline
that never did exist,
this desire for normality -
and yet some still resist...

those who try, or those who must,
live outside (of the) monstrosity:
freak and geek and anarchist -
the labels of atrocity...

who are you, and why are you
and where do you belong?
just be yourself, and screw the rest
'cause life can be too long...

(when you live a lie...)