You’ll hear this word time and time again within many New Age and Neo-Pagan groups. Traditions and beliefs from the East have been readily accepted by the New Age of the West – however, the concepts are often distorted in the translation. Karma, as presented by the Hindus, is the sum total of the deeds of your life and the reward or punishment meted out. It is not reward or punishment for every good or bad deed. Karma is also met with Dharma and - by the Hindus – a part of the tradition often left out by the New Age.

But, no matter which way you slice it, it is not a belief that I prescribe to.

There are many belief systems which are Light Based Paths. They favor the spiritual over the physical, and believe that the physical is illusion, or manifestation, or even sinful… but whatever it is, it needs to be put aside in one way or another. The different religions have different beliefs and different methods to this end – but the result is ultimately the same.

However, as I’ve stated before, I believe in a balanced approach to life. I believe that the experience of the physical is an important part of our natural cycle. I believe that we do not experience existence as spirit in the same way that we do and can as we are here and now. Thought, emotion, even animals desires and passions are totally different – if felt at all. So why should we forsake what we are?

I believe that this world has it’s problems – but this, to me, means we should work on making the human existence more enjoyable. It does not mean that we should work to escape it. To me, this defeats the purpose of life – the experience of existence, in a way that our unique composition of body, mind and soul allows us to.

We will return to the beginning in due course. In the meantime, I say enjoy life as much as you can. Learn from it. Discover your true self and Be what it is you Are. Find the Balance between physical and spiritual… between mental and emotional… between science and art… and logic and passion… It can be a hell of a ride, if you let yourself live it… Some good, some bad… but all… interesting…