i'm not really here
I'm in a dream ~
walking thru abandoned streets
where the rain is stale
but the ashes are dry
floating on a dead wind
passing by
in a silence that screams

overlook me
i'm just a shadow
in the realm of shadows
a tendril of smoke
that dances and sways
in the fading ultraviolet glow
of twilight...
one lonely sliver of crimson
clings to the west
knowing, already
it is dusk's last death
as the shadows grow
and night takes her own
back to herself

on the blacktop
a figure in black
fades and bends
and sways
and disappears

the wind carries her words
the stars shine for her eyes
the night holds her heart
the rain sheds her tears

a wisp of a wisp of a cloud
lingers in this place
from within the darkness

and this is all they see...

    this is all they see...