'The Gift'

Somewhere midst the veils of dusk
lie secrets waiting to be told -
in the boundary between words and truths
between mythos and reality -
beneath the green of virgin leaves
eclectic electric before the storm -
brewing in the womb of stars
not yet born
or born again -
bathing in the crystal waters
washed by the hands of Cerridwen
dried by the glow of Brighid's fire
and in the void of Danu's love
the clouds swirl in vacant eyes
and torrent souls
melding energies of friends and lovers -
and in the rumble of the thunder
hear the cry of the Morrigan
calling people to freedom's light
to have the strength to know the self -
to seek the truth in both day and night
and in the shadows in between -
for life is not only love and light
when passions spark the soul to fight
for passion makes the world go round
as it boils in your blood -
love and lust and sacred fucking
hate and death and fury's fighting
nothing so pure should be half-hearted
otherwise, what really is the point -
so what you feel, feel it all
embrace all aspects of yourself
for you are blessed of light and dark
so use it all and use it well
or it will surely waste away -
and what is given by the gods
is nothing to be taken lightly
so leave the bullshit all behind
and live