Possessed by the madness
    that can only exist
On the edge of a dream
    and the fringe of a kiss

A world bred of darkness
    to burn in the light
For only in balance
    can potential take flight

To be-
    that which never was
To see -
    the effect which had no cause
To dance -
    with the flow of life's Harmony
To Order
    the Chaos of what could possibly be

    and Probable
       Infinite real;
Ever after
    and never was
       a turn of the wheel

Maddened by Darkness
    blinded by Light
Peace in the Oneness
    between Day and Night

The worlds and times
    of in between
Discordant rhymes
    of waking dreams

And she walks...

On the outside
    looking in
Born of the grace
    that yields from sin
A wyld child
    of the Wyrd
Dancing the ebb
    and flow of years

And on the beam
    she stumbles
       she glides
Within the shadows
    she plays
       she hides
Into the void
    she yearns
       she peers
To face the truths
    she loves
       she fears
From on the edge
    of faith
       and doubt
Searching the depths

And on the fringe
    she walks