'The Death Card'

be and don't see
see but don't dream
can't you hear me scream?

close your eyes
and say good night
there's nothing left for me

in this place
one more regret
one more disgrace
a little more hate
however displaced

these people
people everywhere
without a thought
without a prayer
think they know
they see despair
need to save
need to care
need to feel
need to 'share'

need to shut the fuck up, methinks
need to listen to what isn't there...

so at the waters edge
you seek to find your rest
peering ever casually
into the murky depths
do you know that in the tow
lies your certain death
do you know that the change to come
won't even be my best

drop a pebble
watch the ripple
be still, be quiet
it's just that simple

tear out your eyes
tear out the lies
wear a faceted disguise

ride the dream
and all it seems
and all the myriadic whys

don't try to fix
don't try to save
just ride the silver crested waves

you'll never see
you'll never be
just overlook
the core of me

you'll never know
but I won't go
won't give up
won't run away

I am change
I am decay
I am pain

I will heal
I will seal
in the end
I'll make you feel

shake it up
break it up
turning, burning
churning, learning

you will be
you will see
in the end
there's always me