'Black Sheep'

baa, baa, black sheep
have you any soul?
yes sir, yes sir
though it mayn't be quite whole

it's been through the ringer
so it's a bit worse for the wear
but I assure you I've examined it
with great and detailed care

to figure out the hows and whys
what makes me who I am
where I'm from and where I'll go
and to know all that I can

but the fixing of the spirit
is no small and easy task
so there may be some damage yet
so forgive those things I lack


baa, baa, black sheep
have you any mind?
yes sir, yes sir
tho it isn't always kind

an idealistic and romantic ewe
found the world a bit too hard
she learned, thru time and many tears
to always be on guard

she dons her armor and wears her masks
acts confident and pert
with words as weapons, she honed an edge
to hide her many hurts

she hates, she hopes, she fears and doubts
but, in the end, it's all just fine
for bitter, fractured tho it may be
I love it because it's mine


baa, baa, black sheep
where do you belong?
'tis a question I've asked myself
my entire lifetime long

ever looking here and there
from one group to the next
with each new turn, I hope and pray
but always end up vexed

social creatures are we all
yet there is no herd for me
and so pariah, outcast, freak
will I forever be

but not alone, no never that
for I have both kith and keep
with other individuals
a family of black sheep


baa, baa, black sheep
hear my bleated call
whether you be known or not
in my way, I love you all