she wears her heart on her sleeve
and there's truth in her lies
if you just read between the lines
and look within the eyes...

      an angel and demon
     they somehow got together
     a saint and a sinner
     never was nothing better
     her virtue and her vice
     and everything nice
     so nice...
     so pure...

          as above
          so below
          or so they say
          the story goes

               if only you believe...

she wants you to love
the very thing that she hates
she built herself a cage
from which she can't escape

     a poet, a stoic
     bleeding words on a page
     a lover, a fighter
     a passionate rage
     with fury and with hope
     anything to cope
     just cope...
     just breathe...


               i'll believe in you
               if you believe in me
               and maybe... just maybe
               we can help each other through

she wanted to grieve
a past that was dead
but they tease and they taunt
as they live inside her head

     the darkness and the light
     they made a perfect union
     the madness and the majesty
     share this one communion
     in sorrow and in joy
     and it's just another toy
     a ploy...
     to play...
     the game...

          but it can always change
          even as it stays the same

               if only you believe...