the Eyes'

words echo truths
and truths echo lies
and it's all there hidden
lost in the eyes

a mirror reflection
of a mask of a mask
and all I want
is for you to see

so much to ask...

and I can not promise
that the price to pay
would be worth it in the end

for I do not know
what lies within
or even what sleeps
around the bend

and all I ever wanted
was someone to understand
and all I ever needed
was a sympathetic hand
'to love, to hold
to rule, to guide'
to know when to pry
and when to let me hide

and yet I runaway...

I want you to see
and yet I fear
I know of the hate
that is festering here
I know of the lies
and the many disguises
and worse, even yet
I know of the truths -
of the unpaid debts
expecations unmet
of uncertainty
a thorny glen
and a fickle heart
the madness of men
and where to begin
'the way it stops
the way it starts'
of things that never were
and things that will ever be
things left unsaid
and things left unmade
and fear
and the mystery
of 'here'

and I lie...

I didn't mean to
never meant to hurt you
but I know no other way

and I'm sorry
so sorry
you never should've come
never should've seen
the madness of me

but the words echo truths
and the truths echo lies
and it's always there hidden
just behind the eyes