'becoming Satan'

Dragon's fire
consuming me whole
A perfect ire
a rage of the soul
A burning desire
to have the truth told
and I kneel to no one
and can not be controlled

And you call me
Tell me I'm

For the truth that I bring
you don't want them to see
Blinding them with fear
and hypocrisy

But I will lead the opposition
lighting the way to the soul's transition
This passion's flame can not be tamed
as we burn the bridges and the chains
that have held the soul enslaved

Freeing the spirit
freeing the mind
even as we stumble
half-mad and half-blind

Embracing the fall
in the name of seeking
the eternal truth
you don't want them believing

Looking for guidance from the outcasts
those who opposed the despot's law
called heretic, heathen, demon, fallen
those who truly sought the All

Those who fought to be free
from the tyrant's machinations
Those who saw the singular beauty
in the web work of creation

The adversaries of your Order
heeding your system's nemesis
Seeking gnosis in the Chaos
of the spirit's genesis

We who are called antithesis
spirits of the liberation
Exploring the nature of the Self
seeking the All
becoming Satan

But I will pay that fateful price
to release this light inside of me
For I know that we all hold
the wisdom of infinity

And oh, how sweet is this damnation
embracing my divinity
Discovering the keys of salvation
in the struggle to set the spirit free