Paris was to be the judge of who got the Golden
Apple and was
Rewarded with fair Helen, from the bribe of
Aphrodite - which we know was the beginning of the battling at
However, none of this would've happened if they'd just invited
Eris, instead of demanding their stupid little
Order. But they feared her little nuances,
Now they pay the price
As disorder is on the
Menu and we're
Eating up our hotdogs (but without a hated bun) so
To honor her with festive
Anarchy. And we're tracing a
Mandala while we
Yen the
Sacred Chao (Mu)... while some
Trivial and greater truths battled for
Infinity, and found that paradox was the
Key to understanding of the
Hodge and the Podge
Of the
Order and
Disorder, but the info got

Obscured by a bunch of roaming
Fnords. But then

Eris sent a message through a
Roach (whose name
Saint Gulik) and

Explained that we
Should stop it if we do not like
Our options, but
To remember the
Essential metaphysic parabolic that
Revolves around the
Incongruous pole of the