I close my eyes
and see beyond sight
as I fall away
into endless night

I see your eyes
in the glittering stars
you see my pain
in these lingering scars

skirting the edge
so sharp to the touch
destruction runs free
when the pain is too much

   but I love it
     and I need it
       and it calls me again...

words run dry
and I cannot comprehend
dizzy now
from the starting of the end

and I lose all thought
and beg for more, and less
as I feel your touch
in my mind, your (soft) caress

sweet susurrus
your voice in my head
whispering the ways
of the weaving of webs

   you lead
     and I follow
       wherever this may end...

into your embrace
I lay my weary mind
uncertain of what
I truly hope to find

as darkness enfolds
consumes and desires
I scream at your touch
an ice cold as fire

it tears and it rends
delves deep in my soul
cutting away
all that hides what is whole

   to have
     and to hold
       with secrets to keep...

screams in the darkness
echoing here
in the void of forever
all becomes clear

into a silence
that's sweeter than sound
all must be lost
so that all can be found

returning once more
to a world come undone
woven with secrets
of what I've become

   to seek
     to succumb
       to belong - to the Deep...